Saints Cyril and Methody

Sts. Cyril and Methody

A Parish of the Orthodox Church in America
Granite City, IL Greater St. Louis

A Parish of the Orthodox Church in America

Granite City, IL Greater St. Louis

Welcome Visitors!

Welcome! We invite you to come and worship with us, and we look forward to meeting you in person.

Our normal service schedule includes:

  • Vespers Saturday evening at 5PM.
  • Church school and adult study Sunday at 9:15AM (Labor Day thru Memorial Day).
  • Divine Liturgy Sunday at 10AM, followed by a fellowship meal.

For other services, check the Upcoming Services feed on our home page, or our Calendar page.

feed on our home page,

Orthodox services may be very different than you are used to. Here are a few things worth highlighting about our services:

  • All of our services are in English.
  • Divine Liturgy on Sunday lasts about 90 minutes. Vespers Saturday evening lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Activity: In the Orthodox services, there is a lot of activity. You will see people making the sign of the cross, bowing, standing, kissing icons, lighting candles. You are invited to participate in these activities as much as you wish.
  • Children: Our children worship with us. Your children are welcome here too. The minor noises of little ones are "holy noise". However, if you think it is necessary to take your baby or child out of the service for a while, we have a small room in the back where you can listen to the service.
  • Communion: If you are an Orthodox Christian, and you have prepared yourself to receive Holy Communion according to your Spiritual Father’s direction, you are welcome to approach the chalice. Please try to contact Father Andrew ahead of time or introduce yourself to him before the service if possible. If you have any questions, please talk with Father Andrew before approaching.
  • After Liturgy meal: On Sunday please join us downstairs for lunch and fellowship.
  • Our facilities are handicap accessible. If you need assistance at all, please let us know.

You may find an article by Frederica Matthewes-Green, titled "12 Things I Wish I'd known: First Visit to an Orthodox Church" helpful.